*About our BLOG

Welcome to my wonderful students, to their families and to all of our friends!

Being brought up bilingual has opened a thousand doors for me and I am grateful! I hope to transfer the gift of speaking a second language onto my students.

In creating a sharing community in a second language, I hope to spark curiosity and build confidence that will eventually lead to a future of opportunity.

A little message to MY STUDENTS:

Welcome! This blog is made with love for YOU!

Please add to the fun in any way you can. I encourage you to explore, read, write and look through all the possibilities. This is a place you can come to practice English at home, with your family and friends.

I am excited to explore this world with all of you 🙂

A little message to the FAMILIES:

Hello and welcome to our ESL community!

This blog was constructed so that my students may explore English outside of the classroom. I want to build a motivating community where they can improve their English, together.

Please feel free to share with us and to help our children explore this second language.                                                                                     Thank you for supporting us 🙂

A little message to our FRIENDS:

Hello and welcome to our second language community!

We are a big family of students from 5 different rural communities in the Eastern Townships of Québec. We are from small primary schools (grades 1 to 6). One class may have up to 3 different grade levels, and usually we are no more than 20 children per class.

Most of us don’t really speak English and so we learn it at school (but only up to three hours every ten days).  We want to have more fun with this! Can you help us?

We are excited to share our culture and to grow with you! Thank you for joining our community 🙂


So, without further ado…. WELCOME!

A Bright Future Lays Ahead of You!

10 thoughts on “*About our BLOG

  1. Very nice! I hope our children will enjoy it and explore it. this is an opportunity for them to be better in that second language.

  2. Allo Miss Corrine merci d’être notre prof d’anglais à Ste-Cécile de withon je t’aime Katherine 5e année

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