How Many…? GAME

Interview Questions GAME?

Info Question Words Game (Sentence Monkey)

”Questions” Exercises (Quizes)

Exercises (Fill in the gap)

Multiple Choice

Why & Because

Choose a Q word



Grammar Bank

Games to Learn English

Click to access World%20Food%20maze.pdf

Click to access food%20text%20maze%20tom%20eats.pdf

Click to access Tom%20daily%20routines.pdf

Click to access A%20Day%20at%20the%20Space%20Station.pdf

Click to access Level_3_Passage_1.pdf

Click to access A_Call_to_the_Pool.pdf

Click to access I_Fly.pdf

Click to access First_Prize.pdf

Click to access One_Hundred_Dollars.pdf

Click to access Big_City_Noise.pdf

Click to access By_the_Water.pdf






Practice Phonics



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