It’s Almost That Time of the Year!

Hi! Christmas is around the corner and so we are starting to learn our CHRISTMAS CAROL of the year. Sing with us at home 🙂 

For the little ones! Always my favourite 🙂

For our grade 2&3 class, and our grade 3&4 class:

For our grade 4&5 class. We are feeling silly this year 😉

And finally for our grades 4-6 and grade 6 class:



Yukon Quest…ME TOO!

          Following the Yukon Quest has been exciting! And finally the gates are open.

The mushers hit the starting line yesterday 🙂

The race is on!

Mr. Jé and I, envious of the adventurers, decided we’d go to the Yukon and embark on the Quest ourselves (in our dreams). Off to the races 🙂

On your mark, get ready… GO!



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The Power of Bilingual Brains

I was reminded today via CBC radio that studies prove learning and speaking a new language is a bonus for your brain.

In researching more on this I found a headline that must be shared:

”People who speak two languages are ‘better at multi-tasking and less likely to develop Alzheimer’s”

Check out the article this comes from to learn more:

And this one too:

Happy reading 🙂

French Words in English

Did you know that 1 out of 3 words in English come from French? That’s right!

It stems from Guillaume le Conquérant’s reign in England and the Norman french he brought with him, from the French’s love of food, and many other points in time of travel and trade.

Here is a really neat little video on how we can also find entire French phrases in some common English words.

Language is fun! Enjoy 🙂

Thanks for the share Mr. Simon


Hi everybody!

          I have recently discovered a new site to practice languages (English plus).

It is simple, rewarding and it works great to learn new vocabulary.

I am using it to learn Spanish, and I love it.

Here is the link:

Beunos Dias!